Integrated Business Plan

Integrated Business Plan

Business Plan Package - Integrated Detail


This business plan will take your company from high risk to plotted success. 


It is what every small business needs. This plan structure will conform to the Canadian chartered banks and is needed for institutional financing.  Your BLUEPRINT for success.


Included in Package:


Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
    • The Company
    • Mission
    • Major Milestones
    • Funds Required (if needed)
  • Management Profiles
    • Management Team Profiles and Ownership Structure
    • Organization Structure
    • Board of Directors
    • Board of Advisors
    • Professionals of Record
  • Business Environment
    • Product or Service Description
    • Business Summary and History
    • Industry Overview
    • Economic Environment Analysis
    • Company Position
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Corporate Strategies
  • Marketing Plan
    • Current Customers and Target Markets
    • Product or Services Differentiation
    • Pricing Strategy
    • Sales and Distribution Policies
    • Advertising
    • Strategic Direction
  • Operations
    • Current Operating Procedures
    • Current Manufacturing Processes
    • Current Human Resource Policies
    • Proposed changes to operating procedures
    • Proposed changes to manufacturing procedures
    • Proposed changes to human resource policies
  • Risks and Answers (Mitigation Strategy)
  • Financials
    • Income Statements - next 2 - 3 years
    • Cash Flow Statements - next 2 - 3 years
    • Balance Sheets - next 2 - 3 years

You will have to call to verify if your company falls into the Integrated Detail package.


If your company is multi-facetted or has a complex model you will need the Advanced Structure package.


If you would like a business plan template and try to do the plan yourself go here.


If you break it or your plan isn’t working, I’ll fix it for you for the price of the Integrated Detail plan package. :-)

Price: Call [ Contact THE KOZ ]

Why This Package?

  • The # 1 thing you can do in business to protect your investment is to have a business plan.
  • Plots your way to success.
  • Required tool for any kind of financing.
  • Exudes professionalism.
  • It is the navigational document that others around you need to follow.
  • Explains how all areas of the business integrate into each other.